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Thursday, 29 March 2018


Today I made a proper start with Maori. I’m gleaning words and rules from a book—in English mainly, but with some Maori—called Te Marae, by Hiwi and Pat Tauroa. I set the kitchen timer and just went for it.

So Maori nouns don’t add an ‘s’ for the plural. Unless the word has been taken up into common English use, in which case it’s okay. And I already know that ‘te’ is the article that introduces a noun. As in Kiribati. 

Word order is backward, in our eyes. And the particles have several different meanings each, I’ve discovered.

Today: J2 D2 M1              

Total: J599 D25 G94 P63 F62 Sp42 I11 A10 Sw10 C9 Ro5 N4 M4 Da3 Ru3 Gk1 H1

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