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Thursday, 8 March 2018


My Japanese is no worse than my German. It may even be better. But I’m a little wary using it. The perfectionism drive of that culture affects me.

I get sidetracked by the nitty-gritty. On the other hand, I’m now comfortable viewing dramas. I’ll spend hours on both those activities. I can read the first Harry Potter (at least the first few chapters). I am very comfortable listening while reading simultaneously in Japanese, but I don’t often get around to doing that.

Japanese is a language that I could very easily and quickly ramp up. It’s totally worth the effort.

Today: J5            
Total: J537 D200 G87 P61 F59 Sp40 A9 I11 C8 Sw6 Ru2 Da2 N2 Ro2 M1 Gk1

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