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Thursday, 15 March 2018


And now Arabic. I have to confess to being a little nervous about it. It’s not a straightforward language, by all accounts. Steven Kaufmann says so. It’s the language he’s currently learning.

Okay, I’ve spent around a couple of hours on it. It’s the script that worries me. And yet it’s via the script—I believe—that I’ll crack it.

I’m going to start simply by identifying patterns in the written text. I won’t do that ‘every letter of the alphabet in order, its name and pronunciation’ style. Rather, I’ll simply get used to its curves, lines and dots.


Today: J4 D2 Sp1            

Total: J563 D211 G87 P61 F60 Sp42 I11 Sw9 A9 C8 N4 Da3 Ru2 Ro2 M1 Gk1

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