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Thursday, 8 March 2018


Dutch is effortless. Dutch is fun. It’s so much fun that I feel it doesn’t do me any good, but of course it does. It’s just that the idea that progress only comes with effort is so deeply ingrained.

I read the Lee Child books in Dutch as if reading them for the first time. That’s great, because I’ve read them all in English. I come across Dutch idioms and expressions that make me burst out laughing. And I come across vocabulary that I’ve never heard my parents use over the years.

I’d love to spend a year in Holland.

Today: J5 D2            

Total: J542 D202 G87 P61 F59 Sp40 A9 I11 C8 Sw6 Ru2 Da2 N2 Ro2 M1 Gk1

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