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Friday, 9 March 2018


I’m not sure about French. I’m at the same stage with it as with Spanish (minus 2 years of high school). I want to do the same as Spanish: skim-read so as to catch easy sentences . Probably East of Eden is not quite suited. Its font on my kindle is clunky. French strings together words and letters with apostrophe glue.

So I’ll do as I did with my Polish. I’ll switch horses midstream. I’ll use my true and trusty Harry Potter. Interestingly, the word ‘stone’ isn’t used in the title. It’s simply Harry Potter at the School for Wizards.

Today: J4 D1 F1            

Total: J546 D203 G87 P61 F60 Sp40 A9 I11 C8 Sw6 Ru2 Da2 N2 Ro2 M1 Gk1

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