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Tuesday, 6 March 2018


Yesterday’s focus was Italian, which is a latecomer to my multi-language party. However, as a European language it’s very welcome. I’m happy to be doing as many languages of that type as possible. Really, the more the merrier.

The best activity I’ve found for myself is doing a Heinrich maneuver. I compare sentences one at a time. I’m using Killing Zone—the first Jack Reacher. The font size gives me about 6 words per line. My aim is to highlight one word per line. I choose words that are recognizable.

I demonstrated this for a language class that I relieved.

Today: J2 I2 F1           

Total: J530 D200 G85 P61 F59 Sp40 A9 I11 C8 Sw6 Ru2 Da2 N2 Ro2 M1 Gk1

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