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Tuesday, 16 January 2018


The KISS concept comes up in many contexts. I’ve always been taught it as: Keep it simple, stupid! That’s a useful rule of thumb.

So here’s my application of the rule with regard to language practice. I alternate. On odd days, I work on a new language. On even days, I ‘depthen’ the ones that to some degree I already know. And because Japanese is my main challenge, I do some of that daily as well.

There—that’s all there is to it. Simple. Easy to remember. Foolproof. Not long before reaching my 500th day, I discover the answer.

Today: J2 M1       

Total: J347 D161 G63 P37 F30 Sp22 A8 M5 Da1 R1

Monday, 15 January 2018


Sometimes you see something you think about buying, but don’t. Then you kick yourself afterward.

The other day I saw an 8-CD Michel Thomas Spanish course for sale at the Green Island recycling store. It was $3, and I passed it up. Then yesterday after class I made a day of it and cycled over in the heat. Hurray, it was still there. I treated myself to it, and to an all-day breakfast in a nearby cafe. 

I’ve tried out Michel Thomas before, I think. In Hindi and Japanese. Perhaps there’s a way of using them without pressing my off-buttons.

Today: J4 D1 G1 F1       

Total: J345 D161 G63 P37 F30 Sp22 A8 M4 Da1 R1

Sunday, 14 January 2018


I completed my first book in German—Pearl Buck’s Drachenfisch—a ‘home run’ book in that language. Admittedly it is for children, but no matter. It has almost 100 pages (although there are illustrations). But it reminds me that I have about 80 German readers stored somewhere. And I believe that they come with the audio too.

Funnily, I read it while training. I’ve been doing 5000 metres worth of laps at the Caledonian, and I would read while walking, dog-earing before running.

I even saw Dave S there coaching. He even coached me a little over 25 years ago.

Today: J2 G2       

Total: J341 D160 G62 P37 F29 Sp22 A8 M4 Da1 R1

Saturday, 13 January 2018


Say what you like about Dunedin, but where else can you pick up banana boxes full of great paperbacks for a couple of bucks, and all manner of pickings in the free basket?

I scored 10 Taiwanese children’s books there. I ranked them in order of difficulty, gleaning an understanding of the approach taken to Mandarin Chinese in that country. Bopomolo, anyone? They’ve a set of 37 symbols that they use as furigana. These look like a mutant form of katakana, hiragana and kanji—cute.

And that’s how I spent an hour’s worth of enjoyable exposure on a new language.

Today: J4 M4        

Total: J339 D160 G60 P37 F29 Sp22 A8 M4 Da1 R1