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Thursday, 29 March 2018


I had seen a bunch of Sweet Valley High paperbacks at the Green Island dump. I couldn’t get them off my mind. (The books were once used in a reading experiment, as documented by Krashen.) So today after class I cycled on over and bought them. I may conduct my own experiment with students.

In other news, Maori. I’ve a copy of Te Marae. It includes all sorts of translated snippets. Because Maori has a tendency to raise my affective filter, I feel the need to accumulate a collection of vocabulary and rules. That’s how I’ll get gradually into Maori.

Today: J3 D2 G2 Sw1 P1 M1              

Total: J597 D223 G94 P63 F62 Sp42 I11 A10 Sw10 C9 Ro5 N4 Da3 Ru3 M3 Gk1 H1

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