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Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Somehow I shorten Spanish to ‘Sp’. Why is that? Did I have Swedish on the go at some point in the past, and was I wanting to differentiate them?

But I’m to work with a couple of Argentinian students, starting today. Just 5 hours in total, spread over today and the day after tomorrow, but I get to do with them what I want. Pay them back for Argentina 1978, perhaps! Mario Kempes, that Frank Zappa look-alike.

Otherwise, it’s been another good day with my foothold languages. If I could only spend one session per day on a new one.

Today: J4 D1 G1 P1 F1 Sp1       
Total: J424 D175 G73 P45 F44 Sp29 A8 M8 I3 Da1 R1 Mo1 N1

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