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Sunday, 18 February 2018


I discovered a research paper on Whole Language. It meshes well with what I’ve been trying to follow, implement, explain and write about. And now it has a name. I sent copies to my colleagues. See what they think.

I was going to write that today I did nothing but Japanese—both the drama, Mother, and my kanji nomenclature. I even did the latter at Mum’s room in Mosgiel. The place has been shut down because of a bug, but I got in the back way. 

Then I remembered that one of 20 books I picked up is in Samoan. 

Today: J5          

Total: J465 D186 G78 P53 F49 Sp33 A9 C8 I5 R2 Da2 M1 N1 Sw1

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