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Monday, 5 February 2018


It’s been a fabulous day, in that I got 6 languages done. But things can always be better. The 6 languages that I enjoyed were those that I’ve got a good foothold in. There are 7 others that could do with a boost.

Second, although I spend a great deal of time on Japanese, it is the nitty-gritty fiddly sort—individual kanji. I like better what I’ve recently done with German, Italian and Norwegian, when I simply listened to a text while following along either in English or those languages themselves.

I’ll limit myself to 10 kanji, therefore, before listening.  

Today: J2 D1 G1 P1 F1 Sp1        

Total: J420 D174 G72 P44 F42 Sp28 A8 M8 I3 Da1 R1 Mo1 N1

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