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Monday, 19 February 2018


It’s been a satisfying day. I enjoyed 6 languages. I also obtained resources in Romanian (tape cassettes), French, Dutch and Portuguese. What would increase my enjoyment even further would be to have specific activities ready for all 14 languages currently ‘on line’, and then to increase that number to and even beyond the 20 that I’ve set my sights on. That’d make Harry’s day!

Speaking of Harry, I downloaded some Jo Nesbo books, including some with the Harry Hole character after randomly selecting Norwegian to listen to. The author is Norwegian, but his work’s been translated into several other languages.

Today: J5 D1 G1 P1 F1 N1          
Total: J475 D187 G80 P55 F50 Sp33 A9 C8 I6 R2 Da2 N2 M1 Sw1

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