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Monday, 12 February 2018


It’s interesting how the Japanese get 3 times the value from a story. Often something becomes popular as a manga. They then turn it into an anime series. And then I can also evolve into a television drama series, and/or perhaps a movie. Perhaps the morphing order changes—I don’t know. And perhaps I’ll watch something tonight.

But I haven’t given up on my Kindle. I experimented this morning at the 400-metre track. I built up to a lap jogging alternating with a lap walking. I find that I can tackle Dutch, German and Spanish no problem. Total physical response?

Today: J4 D1 G1 Sp1          

Total: J442 D182 G77 P51 F48 Sp32 A9 C8 I3 Da1 R2 M1 N1 Sw1

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