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Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Three things before I forget, and before I need to attend to the chicken in the oven.

First: it’s fun to do several intervals of 15 minutes in different locations, between which I walk or cycle. 

Second: I agree with Steve Kaufmann when he advises people not to hurry with learning a language. You oughtn’t do it for others, because that only places you under pressure. You should enjoy the process.

Third: I find that I’m enjoying rereading Lee Child’s books in a different language. It’s completely different to rereading in English. It’s as if it’s a completely different book. 

Today: J4 D1 P1 G1 Sp1 F1          

Total: J450 D184 G78 P53 F49 Sp33 A9 C8 I3 Da1 R2 M1 N1 Sw1

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