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Thursday, 22 February 2018


Something interesting here. 

Yesterday, I took a look at a couple of new books on my Kindle. Another 2 Jack Reacher novels. Both of them in Swedish. Which makes that my 3rd or maybe 4th Scandinavian language. Which made me think that I might as well think of them all as one language that I’m learning. Which made me consider that ALL the languages I’m learning might as well be grouped into one ‘super-language’.

That’s the difference. Conventional learning is strict about ring-fencing languages. They are thought to ‘interfere’ with each other. But in my book they support one another. 

Today: J3 D2 P1 F1 Sp1 I1          

Total: J482 D190 G80 P56 F51 Sp34 A9 I8 C8 R2 Da2 N2 M1 Sw1

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