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Thursday, 15 February 2018


Now I’m watching an 8-part drama series called Mother. It’s really rather good, and addictive viewing. It has a young child as one of the main characters, so it has enough simple Japanese to satisfy me. But since child abuse is one of the issues, I don’t think that I’ll let Sachi watch it. It’s set near Hakodate, in Hokkaido, so the winter scenes are natsukashii.

Apart from that, I busied myself earlier in the day with some kanji work, some Dutch and also some Italian. Rather than all those European languages interfering with each other, they are mutually supportive. 

Today: J5 D1 I1          

Total: J455 D185 G78 P53 F49 Sp33 A9 C8 I4 R2 Da1 M1 N1 Sw1

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