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Wednesday, 31 January 2018


Much better. No need to rack my brains.

In my notebook I see I listened to some Italian with Steve. Reminded me of Breaking Away. I noted Lee Child’s name to remind myself to download One Shot to my Kindle. I have the Polish version there already. I read a little of Persoonlijk, also by Lee Child, in Dutch. I carried on with Steinbeck’s East of Eden in both French and English a la Heinrich. And I wondered whether Lee, like JK Rowling, had ever taught English as a foreign language.

I wouldn’t have remembered that without jotting it down.

Today: J5 D1 G1 F2 I1          

Total: J402 D170 G70 F40 P39 Sp25 A8 M8 Da1 R1 Mo1 I1

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