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Saturday, 27 January 2018


The milestone that I achieved today was to complete my list of 1598 kanji (give or take) from HP1. I found usage examples of each. I’m done with that.

Next up, I’ll revisit my kanji alphabeticization—a made-up word, so from now on ‘kanji I.D.’ There’s a sore need to be able to sort kanji into some sort of an order that one can quickly apply.

So I’ll add a column or two to the HP1 kanji excel file. I’ll bring in the Heisig keywords. With a wave of my wand, I’ll set this house in order!

It’ll be fun.

Today: J4 D1          

Total: J387 D168 G68 P39 F37 Sp24 A8 M8 Da1 R1 Mo1

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