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Saturday, 6 January 2018


My holidays are coming to an end. I had a potluck meal with my 3 grown-up children, plus Eks. We watched 2 Black Mirror episodes. Albany plans to visit her host family after 15 years. She uses Google translate to improve her Japanese—she writes sentences in English, automatically converts them, and then proofreads to see if they seem okay—and , and swears by watching TV with subtitles for passive learning.

I found language references in 2 stories: one in Der Drachenfisch by Pearl Buck, the other in Een takje rozemarijn by Ruth Ainsworth.

Now to prepare for school.

Today: J5 D2 S1 G1       

Total: J315 D150 G55 P37 F26 Sp22 A8 Da1 R1

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