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Tuesday, 30 January 2018


I should rely on my notes not my memory for capturing and retaining. I’ve a pocket notebook for that, but I’ve got out of the habit. That’s today’s goal, then.

But I did note yesterday morning—on the computer—that recently I’ve listened to some Steve Kaufmann. He’s somewhat strident and opinionated, but he tries hard to be genial. There was a talk by him about listening comprehension that I noticed on Twitter. Quote of the day: “Reading is a form of listening”. 

Also, I reduced my list of kanji whose codes that I need to redo down to 172.

Today: J5 D1 G1 F1 Sp1          

Total: J397 D169 G69 P39 F38 Sp25 A8 M8 Da1 R1 Mo1

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