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Friday, 19 January 2018


I browsed though the easiest Mandarin (or Taiwanese) kids book looking at the symbols. I thought first that they were derived from Japanese, but later realised that both bopomofo and katakana derive from Chinese characters.

I ended the day with a little each of German and Dutch (by Kindle). So I did a mix of ‘odd’ and ‘even’, basically.

I haven’t heard back yet from Stephen Krashen whom I twittered, asking why it is good to have a number of languages on the go at different stages. I’m sure that it is, but I’d just like to know his reasons.

Today: J4 D1 G1 M1       
Total: J358 D162 G64 P37 F31 Sp22 A8 M6 Da1 R1

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