Friday, 13 April 2018


Further to the previous entry, I’ve been doing some more thinking. It seems to me that chess played at speed is similar to using, or acquiring, a new language. I read that players don’t use their conscious brain when playing at great speed. They make moves instinctively. They use—I guess—predominantly their right brain at that time. So would watching a lot of high-speed streamed chess matches be akin to gaining massive light exposure? Would it help your game?

But I’m not going to allow myself to get side-tracked. I have an appointment with Pikaado to prepare for soon.

Today: J1 Sp1 D1 F1             

Total: J616 D240 G99 F66 P64 Sp46 A16 I14 Sw14 C9 Ro6 N4 M4 Da3 Ru3 Gk3 H2

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