Sunday, 25 September 2016


When you know two languages well, they form a continuum in your brain. You don’t need to translate between them. You don’t get their grammars confused. You ‘lean’ this way or that.

At this point I can read Dutch pretty well, and even write at the level of a child. That, despite never having studied the language, ever

Oh, except I did attend first year elementary school, sorry. I do remember being introduced to ‘ij’, ‘ui’ and ‘eu’.

Other than that though, nothing.

Knowing two languages makes you magic. It gives you the certainty that learning another language is possible.

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  1. It's so natural to use one or the other that you feel as if you're not really studying, working, or learning when engaged in them. When I listen or read in English, Dutch and to some extent German I feel as if I'm skiving off.