Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Altogether, I aim to spend about an hour per day to play with 5 languages:

  • Japanese: 15 minutes consisting of 3 five-min periods (HP1->* = LjRe, LeRj, LjRj).
  • German: 15 minutes to do 5 pages of text (HP1 = LgRg).
  • Spanish: 15 minutes to edit and listen to a new 5-min BookBox story (LsW, LsRs, LsRe).  
  • Dutch: 15 minutes of compelling reading. 
  • English: Incidental.

Yes, I realize that this could seem quite anal! But it’s worth setting up well, especially for when the number of languages accumulates.

*HP1-> means that I work my way through Harry Potter and the Stone.

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