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Sunday, 17 December 2017


This weekend I sorted books. In one year, I’ve collected several hundred. So I got out the cartons and arranged them in piles.

Most are in English, of course. Roughly 250. Then German (60), Dutch (30), Japanese (30) and fifthly French (24). I have a total of 17 Scandinavian books, 6 in Spanish and Portuguese, and 7 that are either Mandarin or Taiwanese. I have 4 books each of Vietnamese, Russian, Italian Korean and Maori. And finally I have one or two in Polish, Latin, Esperanto, Pitman shorthand, Swahili, Romanian, Indonesian, Finnish, Hungarian, Hindi, Bulgarian, Thai, Welsh, Arabic and Farsi.

Today: D4 J2     

Total: J257 D133 G49 P37 F24 Sp21 Da1 A1 R1

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