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Tuesday, 12 December 2017


There’s a junky second-hand place in Kaikorai Valley. I went there yesterday and filled a shopping bag with books for $5. Altogether 53 of them—young adults’ ones mainly. I’ll use them for my class.

Almost weighing in at the same amount are a couple of hardcover books: Cathys Traum, and Scarlet Feather. They are both by Maeve Binchy; they are both the same book.

I’ll use for for my class too, but for myself mainly. I’ll read them, not sentence by sentence, but paragraph by paragraph. English then German. A modified Heinrich’s manoeuvre, therefore. They’re just not very portable.

Today: J2 G1 D1      

Total: J247 D127 G45 P37 F22 Sp21 Da1 A1

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