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Wednesday, 29 November 2017


I’ve more or less completed my collection of approximately 1600 unique kanji from HP1, but there’ll never be an end to it. Next, I’ll complete my 1st instance highlighted text, check for double-ups, compare against the standard jouyou kanji list, select phrases, go over Heisig, redo my 5-digit kanji codes, and then eventually go on to HP2 (and the others). 

However, from now on, or soon, after my family leaves for a 100+ day visit to Japan, I’m going to test out my system on Polish.

Japanese, German, Dutch etcetera will just need to tick on over in the background.

Today: J4 D2 P1      

Total: J223 D121 G40 P35 Sp21 F20 Da1 A1

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